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8:43 AM - Sunday, March 29, 2015
13 hour ago - American Thinker
Is Ted Cruz eligible to run for president?
23 hour ago - Examiner
Ethan Barton Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Saturday compared Hillary Clinton to the only president to ever resign. "Even Nixon didn't destroy the tapes," he said in a statement. Priebus's remarks came after the . . .
3 hour ago - CNN.com
Nuclear talks reached a critical point Saturday as the ministers of France and Germany arrived to push a framework agreement with Iran ahead of Tuesday's deadline.
7 hour ago - Washington Post / Philip Bump
For no particular reason, we were inspired this week to go back and look at the Census Bureau's historic data on voting trends by race and age. Perhaps it was all of the talk of 2016. Perhaps it was knowing that there were tables of numbers sit . . .
6 hour ago - The Guardian / Dave Hill
The bus driver’s son who helped Ed Miliband become Labour leader insists the general election is his top priority despite his interest in becoming the capital’s mayor Continue reading...
6 hour ago - WSJ.com
The Senate will take up legislation to replace a formula for reimbursing doctors who treat Medicare patients when the chamber returns from a two-week recess, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.
3/28/2015 - Washington Post / Hunter Schwarz
When Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) steps down from the Senate in early 2017, Mormonism will lose its highest-ranking elected official -- and the most high-profile example that yes, there is such a thing as a Mormon Democrat.Read full article >>
6 hour ago - redstate.com
When people defend abortion, this is one of the consequences. I’m not sure the Planned Parenthood, pro-infanticide crowd sees this as a feature or a bug: A former nurse’s aide will not face murder charges for allegedly cutting and removi . . .
21 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Ryan Grenoble
A new "religious freedom" law in Indiana has NCAA basketball analyst and NBA legend Charles Barkley calling foul -- and calling on officials to move next week's March Madness Final Four tournament out of the state. "Discrimination in any for . . .
6 hour ago - WSJ.com
The White House issued the most extensive action plan ever against drug-resistant bacteria, or superbugs, seeking to curb antibiotic use at farms and hospitals—and promote tests to find lethal bugs, and antibiotics to kill them.
3/26/2015 - redstate.com
Welcome to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends! This week, Kemberlee Kaye of Legal Insurrection joins the regular panel consisting of Scott Lincicome of the Cato Institute, Neal Dewing of the Federalist, F. Bill McMorris of the Washin . . .
8 hour ago - BBC
The general election campaign is officially under way - here are 10 ways in which it will be different from last time.
3/27/2015 - thinkprogress.org / Kira Lerner
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced on Friday that he would not be seeking reelection, putting an end date on an almost 30 year congressional run. The post 5 Reasons You’ll Miss Harry Reid appeared first on ThinkProgress.
6 hour ago - Real Clear Politics - TIME.com / Jennifer So
Experts say you can teach yourself to love exercise
6 hour ago - BBC
A Labour majority in the general election would be "difficult but doable", the party's election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander says.
3 hour ago - POLITICO / Sarah Wheaton
Sanctions remain a point of dispute, as is the level of detail a preliminary agreement would contain.
6 hour ago - POLITICO / Doug Sosnik
Presidential politics in 2016 will reflect the shifting reality of America.
7 hour ago - NPR
Some of Hillary Clinton's most vocal critics are from those in the media. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to correspondent Mara Liasson about Clinton's evolving relationship with the press.
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