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10:04 AM - Tuesday, September 30, 2014
4 hour ago - Mediaite / Tina Nguyen
This exchange between Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Secret Service Director Julia Pierson tells you everything you really need to know about how the Secret Service is dealing with the revelations of two major White House security lapses.
5 hour ago - thinkprogress.org / Jack Jenkins
Kansas City's Husain Abdullah was penalized praying in the end zone after his second career touchdown, but the NFL said Tuesday he shouldn't have been. The post NFL Backtracks After Penalizing Player For Brief Muslim Prayer appeared first on Th . . .
6 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Andrew Hart
When it comes to the Islamic State, the extremist group that has seized large swaths of Iraq and Syria using horrifying tactics, there is no shortage of speculation about its history and ambitions. But not all the claims about the organization . . .
16 hour ago - nationalreview.com / Michael Barone
President Obama’s speech at the United Nations last week was “an important turning point in American foreign policy -- and in his presidency.” That’s the verdict of Brookings Institution scholar and former Clinton White House aide William Galst . . .
5 hour ago - Washington Post / Sean Sullivan
Was it one too many cameras that doomed Mitt Romney in 2012? In his view, it was one camera too few that did him in. "I was talking to one of my political advisers,” Romney told the New York Times's Mark Leibovich for a story out today, “and I . . .
5 hour ago - Washington Post
Actress Geena Davis this week raised an interesting idea about the role Hollywood could play in boosting the number of women in elected office. “We’re not showing female politicians in the entertainment media,” Davis, founder of the Geena Davis . . .
6 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Tom Engelhardt
Failure Is Success Cross-posted with TomDispatch.com What are the odds? You put about $68 billion annually into a maze of 17 major intelligence outfits. You build them glorious headquarters.  You create a global surveillance state for . . .
3 hour ago - thinkprogress.org / Travis Waldron
The Federal Communications Commission tossed aside its blackout rules in a decision consumer advocates said marked "a historic day for sports fans."The post FCC Votes Unanimously To End TV Sports Blackout Rule appeared first on ThinkProgress.
5 hour ago - Washington Post
President Obama, once tight-lipped about the volatile situation in Ferguson, Mo., has been speaking out a bit more  in recent days, changing his approach to the conflict and unrest there nearly two months after the shooting of Michael Brown. R . . .
8 hour ago - Washington Post / Josh Hicks
The Internal Revenue Service did incomplete work on nearly 60 percent of the tax-delinquency cases that it closed without collecting payments in 2012, potentially costing the government billions of dollars in missed revenue, according to federa . . .
15 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Adam Goldberg
LOUISE WATT, Associated PressHONG KONG (AP) — Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong set a Wednesday deadline for a response from the government to meet their demands for reforms after spending another night blocking streets in an unprecedented . . .
7 hour ago - thinkprogress.org / Ian Millhiser
Thomas Haney, a lawyer suing the Kansas Democratic Party in a suit that could save Sen. Pat Roberts' (R-KS) uphill bid for reelection, showed up to court on Monday missing a crucial element of his case -- his client.The post Lawyer Suing To Sav . . .
4 hour ago - POLITICO / James Hohmann
A host of Democratic Senate hopefuls who rode anti-war sentiment into office change their minds.
4 hour ago - Washington Post / Reid Wilson
Candidates get attacked all the time for figuratively embracing things, whether it’s a controversial policy or an unpopular member of their own party. It’s not often that a candidate gets attacked for an actual physical embrace. Read full article >>
6 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Sara Bondioli
DENVER (AP) — Pot may be legal in Colorado, but you can still be fired for using it. Brandon Coats, a quadriplegic medical marijuana patient who was fired by the Dish Network after failing a drug test more than four years ago, says he still . . .
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