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4:05 PM - Wednesday, January 28, 2015
4 hour ago - Washington Post / Colby Itkowitz
The memories of Eric Holder loomed over attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearing as Republicans reminded her over and over again that one of her most appealing qualities is that she’s not him.Read full article >>
8 hour ago - Washington Post
Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday will lodge some of his sharpest attacks yet against likely Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.His comments, which come as speculation over a third Romney White House bid grows, suggest . . .
5 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Michele Swenson
Likenesses of Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, John Roberts (created by Daniel Lowenstein) stand in front of the 10th Circuit Court of appeals in Denver after 2014 McCutcheon v. FEC decision Photo repri . . .
14 hour ago - Washington Post
Like other first ladies, Michelle Obama's clothes have been scrutinized endlessly for what type of messages they convey.And she gets high marks for her "fashion diplomacy," as she engages with foreign leaders at home and abroad. Her choice to g . . .
10 hour ago - Washington Post / Philip Bump
All bad media ideas centered on "hip" technology and gadgets share the same two features. First, they are generally conceived of by people who do not use those technologies and gadgets (or, as a corollary, they are pitched to people who do not . . .
6 hour ago - Washington Post / Chris Cillizza
There will be a tendency in the wake of the news that Andrew Sullivan is going to stop blogging to conclude that blogging, as a form, is dead.The already waning blog era is officially over, time of death 1 PM on 01/28/15. http://t.co/wmxueaBqR3 . . .
4 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Eliot Nelson
Lindsey Graham asked Loretta Lynch about the possibility of gay marriage leading to polygamy, but no one asked Lynch about the even more alarming possibility of confirmation hearings leading to Lindsey Graham. Washington types lauded Michelle O . . .
8 hour ago - The Guardian
Former Texas governor reads statement at Austin hotel Perry accused of cutting funding to corruption prosecutorsA judge’s refusal to quash felony abuse of power charges will not derail – or even delay – former Texas governor Rick Perry’s prepar . . .
4 hour ago - dailykos.com
'And when I said I was like David Duke without the baggage, I meant that David Duke had to pack a lot of white sheets.' All right everyone, pack it up—nothing more to see here. The problem has been solved. House Majority Whip Steve Scali . . .
8 hour ago - Washington Post / Scott Clement
The conservative base hates -- hates, hates, hates -- the Common Core education standards. And we're about to have a healthy discussion about them now that pro-Common Core Jeb Bush is likely to run for the Republican nomination for president.Re . . .
1/27/2015 - theroot.com / Yesha Callahan
Truth be told, I don’t know jack about football, but over the last several months, I’ve learned a lot about Marshawn Lynch.
9 hour ago - Washington Post / Chris Cillizza
If you had to sum up Mitt Romney's planned third bid for president in 2016 in a single slogan (and why wouldn't you?), it would be: Mitt Romney 3.0 -- now with more Mormon! Here's The Washington Post's Phil Rucker on that point:Read full article >>
1/27/2015 - The Huffington Post / Jeffrey Young
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Tuesday became the latest Republican governor to accept an expansion of Medicaid to cover more poor residents under the Affordable Care Act.Like the expansions in other Republican-led states, Pence's plan doesn't mere . . .
4 hour ago - WSJ.com
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday committed to keeping short-term interest rates near zero at least until midyear and set the stage for tough debates in the months ahead about whether to wait even longer.
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