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7:25 AM - Friday, November 28, 2014
2 hour ago - WSJ.com
Long-muted tensions within the Democratic Party over policy and strategy are surfacing publicly, a sign of leaders looking beyond President Obama’s tenure in the wake of the party’s election defeat.
4 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Antonia Blumberg
Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier every year, leaving people little time to enjoy what Thanksgiving is actually supposed to represent. The sales and promises of bounty may be hard to resist, but that becomes infinitely easier with a . . .
2 hour ago - WSJ.com
Protests resumed across the nation Tuesday, marking the second night of demonstrations following the decision by a grand jury not to indict a Ferguson, Mo., police officer in the shooting death of a black teenager.
2 hour ago - POLITICO
Abortion rights advocates have had setbacks in states for several years, with a surge of legislative activity since 2011.
11/26/2014 - The Huffington Post / Mollie Reilly
WASHINGTON — Criticism of President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law by a top Senate Democrat this week laid bare post-election tensions that could pose challenges for the party in upcoming fights with Republicans over taxes, energy and . . .
3 hour ago - WSJ.com
The president’s response to the rioting in Ferguson underscores both the role he has carved for himself as uniquely well-suited to bridge the nation’s racial divide and his discomfort at times with embracing the role.
3 hour ago - WSJ.com
U.S. special operations forces took part in an unusual mission in Yemen, helping Yemeni troops rescue eight hostages held by an al Qaeda’s offshoot in a raid Tuesday, officials said.
7 hour ago - The Guardian / Peter Walker
One of the four officers on duty at Downing Street on day of the incident says he is annoyed at Police Federation role in sagaThe Plebgate saga was a “nonsense incident” that should never have cost Andrew Mitchell his job as Conservative chief . . .
2 hour ago - POLITICO / Tal Kopan
Blame Congress and the executive branch for failing to have a strong cybersecurity policy.
2 hour ago - POLITICO / Richard Fontaine
How foreign policy makers view pivotal years says a great deal about how they act in 2014.
3 hour ago - POLITICO / Brian Faler
Immigration politics and Democratic infighting come together.
3 hour ago - WSJ.com
The Pentagon is preparing to transfer additional detainees from the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in the coming weeks, according to defense and congressional officials.
4 hour ago - Crooks and Liars / Susie Madrak
"If anything, God forbid, happens to Officer Wilson, his family, that community... I blame them directly, knowing the intense nature of this high-profile case." -- Sean Hannity on the New York Times printing Darren Wilson's home address. You c . . .
3 hour ago - The Guardian / Andrew Sparrow
Rolling coverage of David Cameron’s immigration speech, with reaction and analysis 2.54pm GMT 2.39pm GMT John Baron, a Conservative MP, has said that he thinks David Cameron’s speech has not addressed the key problem created by immigration.The . . .
21 hour ago - powerlineblog.com / John Hinderaker
(John Hinderaker) Gallup headlines: Obama Approval Drops Among Working-Class Whites. Here, “working class” includes all non-college graduates, some 60-65% of the adult white population. Gallup’s chart shows President Obama’s approval rating amo . . .
4 hour ago - The Guardian
Police say dead man may have had explosivesIncident occurred before dawn on Friday Continue reading...
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