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3:09 AM - Friday, October 31, 2014
6 hour ago - WSJ.com
The Senate majority leader isn’t on the Nevada ballot this year, but the lieutenant governor race there could have big implications for 2016. If the Republican wins, GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval would be free to challenge Mr. Reid in 2016 without tu . . .
6 hour ago - WSJ.com
The president hasn’t set foot since 2012 in the state that launched his presidential career, but Joni Ernst, the Republican candidate for an open Senate seat there, frequently invokes him as though he were running alongside her opponent, Democr . . .
18 hour ago - dailykos.com
This public records request from American Bridge PAC to the office of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in response to his "sit down and shut up" bluster during an event in New Jersey on Wednesday is pretty funny: To Whom It May Concern, The . . .
6 hour ago - CNN.com
Earlier this month, while on an trip to Latin America to discuss climate change, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel sat down and wrote a highly private, and very blunt memo to National Security Advisor Susan Rice about U.S. policy toward Syria.
23 hour ago - Washington Post / Sean Sullivan
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) said Thursday that just because his son says he is likely to run for president doesn't mean it's true. "He's got an opinion, he didn't talk to me," Bush told NBC News Wednesday evening. "When you have kids . . .
21 hour ago - WSJ.com: Washington Wire / Dante Chinni
The 2014 midterm vote is already underway in states across the country with early voting, but Colorado is a special case. Because all voters received a ballot in the mail, there isn't a real Election Day in the state --there is, rather, an Elec . . .
10/28/2014 - WSJ.com: Washington Wire
Peter D. Hart: Next Tuesday, one party is likely to be victorious, but neither is likely to have earned voters' respect or admiration.
6 hour ago - WSJ.com
The federal judge overseeing the bankruptcy of Stockton, Calif., ruled the city can exit court protection after slashing payments to bondholders and raising taxes in order to avoid cutting pensions.
14 hour ago - chicago
A nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone but has tested negative for the virus went for a bike ride on Thursday, defying Maine's order that she be quarantined in her home and setting up a legal collision with Governor Paul LePage.
10/29/2014 - rhymeswithright.mu.nu
Looks like it to me. Don't think so? Insert "Black", "Hispanic", "Jewish", or "Gay" in those titles and tell me if you would find them to be innocuous. If your answer is no, then you have to consider these to be equally racist -- or co . . .
6 hour ago - dailykos.com
At Mother Jones, Hannah Levintova writes 7 Big Gun Fights to Watch on Election Day. Here's an excerpt, focusing on the first of the seven: No election cycle in recent memory has seen the guns issue heat up the way this year's has. The Nati . . .
11 hour ago - Mediaite / Tina Nguyen
During a GOP rally for Governor Rick Scott, nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager decided to talk a little about the "war on women" -- specifically saying that “it’s a gargantuan lie to get votes" -- and then went a little further.
12 hour ago - NY Times
In response to public anxiety, governors of both parties are struggling to define health policies on the virus.
6 hour ago - POLITICO / James Hohmann
Incumbent Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown meet in the final New Hampshire Senate debate.
6 hour ago - Media Matters
National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a leading Hispanic civil rights group, issued a statement responding to Fox News' baseless claim that the organization had encouraged voter fraud. After NCLR retweeted a link to an October 27 article from . . .
19 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Catherine Taibi
Fox News will air a two-part documentary in November featuring an exclusive interview with the Navy SEAL who says he shot and killed Osama Bin Laden, the network announced in a press release. The documentary, entitled "The Man Who Killed Usa . . .
6 hour ago - chicago / Diane Rado
With top test scores and high graduation rates, Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook sees almost 90 percent of its graduates go off to college.
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