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8:08 PM - Tuesday, March 03, 2015
12 hour ago - Washington Post / Katie Zezima
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully argued against a nuclear deal with Iran, telling a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday that such an agreement would have the opposite effect of what the international community intends becau . . .
12 hour ago - dailykos.com
First thing Tuesday morning, House Speaker John Boehner folded like a cheap suit in agreeing to hold a vote on a clean Department of Homeland Security funding bill. Why would Boehner do this with entire days left before the short-term funding . . .
4 hour ago - The Huffington Post
FERGUSON, Mo. -- U.S. Justice Department investigations of police departments in the past have led to reforms or lengthy litigation. But the DOJ probe of the Ferguson, Missouri, police department, to be announced on Wednesday, may lead to a pos . . .
6 hour ago - Slate / Jamelle Bouie
On Monday night, the New York Times dropped a bomb: As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton didn’t use her government email address. She didn’t even have one. Her entire correspondence—from notes to staff to talks with diplomats—was done by priv . . .
5 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Kim Bellware
Oklahoma would become the first state in the nation to allow execution by nitrogen gas under a bill that overwhelmingly passed the state House with no debate Tuesday.Members of the Oklahoma House voted 85-10 in favor of legalizing “nitrogen hyp . . .
4 hour ago - The Huffington Post / Lydia Oconnor
Days after coming under conservative fire for making vaguely pro-choice comments, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) released a letter reaffirming his anti-abortion bona fides and endorsing a ban on the procedure after 20 weeks of pregnancy."In my . . .
3 hour ago - dailykos.com
According to the doctrine of constitutional avoidance, the court should seek to interpret a statute in order to avoid a constitutional question. In my previous posts on King v. Burwell, I addressed the statutory interpretation of the text . . .
4 hour ago - FOXNews.com
M. Stanton Evans, a conservative icon who helped shape the political movement from the time of Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign in the early 1960s to Ronald Reagan's election in 1980, died Tuesday, The New York Times reported. He was 80.
3 hour ago - POLITICO / Kelsey Snell
He will detail at least one big break that will be nixed to fund big cuts in individual and corporate tax rates.
4 hour ago - FOXNews.com
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that President Obama’s eagerness to sign a deal with Iran over its nuclear program might not produce the best outcome to the international community’s concerns.   
3 hour ago - POLITICO / Burgess Everett
Senate Democrats may vote against their own bill because of how it's being brought to the floor.
15 hour ago - nationalreview.com / Mario Loyola
National Security Adviser Susan Rice gave a relatively anodyne speech at AIPAC, except for two crucial points: The first was her contention that if we insist on full dismantlement of Iran's nuclear facilities, the U.S. diplomatic coalition nego . . .
10 hour ago - Mediaite / Andrew Desiderio
According to a Justice Department report set to be released soon, police officers in Ferguson, Mo., consistently and systematically violated the constitutional rights of the city's black residents by engaging in racially discriminatory policing . . .
3 hour ago - dailykos.com
After being widely criticized for blaming Tamir Rice for his own death, Mayor Frank Jackson offered a public apology on Monday for language the city used in its legal defense: "Whether or not we can explain it away is irrelevant," Jackson sa . . .
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